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What is 14/20 Gold-Filled Jewelry?

USA standard 14/20 gold-filled jewelry features a thick layer of 14-karat gold thermally bonded to a base metal core, typically jewelers brass. This process produced high-quality semi-fine jewelry, known for its longevity, resistance to tarnishing, and ability to maintain its shine with daily wear. 

Our Brand's USA Standard Gold-Filled Promise

flōsz gold-filled meets or exceeds industry standards by sourcing and crafting only authentic USA standard 14/20 gold-filled jewelry. The term '14/20' specifically indicates the ratio of gold to the total weight of the piece. USA Standards state that all jewelry stamped 14/20GF must contain a minimum thickness of at least 5% gold by weight content. 

The Benefits of 14/20 Gold-Filled Jewelry:

  1. Durable: With a thick layer of gold, these pieces are resilient to daily wear and tear, making them the ideal choice for daily wear.
  2. Affordable Luxury: Offering the elegance of pure gold at a more accessible price. 
  3. Skin-Friendly: Hypoallergenic nature suits various skin types, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin. 

The Essentials Collection: Our Handpicked Selection of Jewelry Essentials 

Introducing Timeless Minimalism. Each piece in our essentials collection reflects a blend of timeless design and superior quality. With its versatility and classic appeal, every item is the perfect addition to a curated capsule wardrobe. An effortless  complement to every style and occasion.

Gold-filled vs. Gold Plated

Unlock the Secret: What Exactly is Gold-Filled Jewelry?



Unlock the Secret: What Exactly is Gold-Filled Jewelry? Learn about its composition, durability, and why it's a favorite among jewelry lovers.
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